Celestial Directions Academy

The Main Setting of the game. Ruled by student council — and by extension, the dragon-Blooded — and administered by the Sidereals and a host of spirits.

Competition within the student body is not only expected, but encouraged as resources are divided unevenly based on a student’s ranking. A high ranking student will have access to top of the line facilities and tools, while a low ranking student may be considered to be lucky if they have a table that has all four legs.


Celestial Directions Academy was originally responsible for the testing and licensing of “Wyld Hunters,” a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. These Hunters were the primary force against the horrors of the wyld, and were tasked with maintaining and expanding Creation’s borders with the wyld. Despite being a primarily combat oriented school, CDA produced a number of indivduals gifted in other areas as well, since only those individuals with a strong drive would be able to make it through—That same drive was often useful in other areas as well.

Thanks to the brilliant minds of Hunters such as Rockefeller, Einstein, Jobs, and Gates, Humanity has learned to harness Wyld energy. This and other Wyld-related breakthroughs such as the Internet and (Insert All Modern Conviniences here, now wyld-flavored) have led to the modern era, where wyld energy is everywhere. And with it, Wyld Anomolies.

Due to these changes in the world, CDA has also changed. Hunters have diversified and specialized. Every hunter is an expert on some aspect of the wyld, but due to the Wyld Energy’s commonplace nature, that could mean that a Hunter could be an expert in nearly anything—from computers to particle physics, cooking to medicine, and everything in between . However, one thing has not changed. Each and every hunter is deadly, as the danger of a Wyld Threat now exists throughout all of Creation.

Upon graduation, a Hunter is sworn to combat Wyld Threats whenever they are able. In return, they are rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in creation or do almost anything, as well as a credit limit that rivals that of large corporations. Hunters naturally gain wealth and power, often as a side effect of pursuing their personal motivation. They become leaders in their fields or break ground in entirely new ones. Without fail, each and every hunter is a Powerful force in the world with a desire to change the face of Creation, and the power to accomplish just that.

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*What happened to the Solars
*Scarlet Takes Over
*Scarlet Dissappears

Celestial Directions Academy

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