Professor McLovin

Demon of Unrequited Love


Originally a First Circle Demon whose domain is Unrequited Love, he is a masochist, metasexual, and a teacher of Celestial Directions Academy. His appearance is that of a muscular man, wearing a black/purple S&M gear, purple lipstick, & has halo over his head in the shape of a fused male and female sign. He has 3 sets of small angel wings along his back.

20 years prior the start of the story, he had grown tremendously powerful, as the rampant hormones of any high school setting, multiplied by the multitudes of students at CDA, gave his domain incredible power. A tyrant who would give a horrible “French kiss” to his students, whom he adores. To evade his horrible love, Seniors sealed him away.

Later, his seal was broken when accidentally when a student tried to pray for her dense crushee to return her feelings despite his harem-like situation. After a nearly unstoppable Rampage, the Headmaster informed McLovin that he had been fired some years ago, due to being AWOL for twenty years. However, (Peter) decided to fight for him, and got him reinstated as a low level teacher instructing Class F

His policy is Love and Peace. Weaponized Love, and Enforced Peace. Even the other faculty appear to fear him.

Professor McLovin

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